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How we see ourselves

A lot of people, myself included, feel very uncomfortable with society's focus on beauty. While I don't see the importance in beautifying our shells, so to speak, I do understand the value in self respect. I think this project did a sweet job of addressing how we view ourselves. If only we could extend this to beyond our "looks"... Check it out here!


Audio Antihero Compilation

Cloud and Marblemouth appear on this UK-based compilation in support of Rape Crisis. Show some love and donation if you feel so inclined to support the cause !

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Real journalism - Syria

I came across this a while ago on Upworthy (one of the better video-trend blogs) and bookmarked it a few weeks ago. I didn't watch it until tonight.

I don't watch TV or keep up with the news much so I didn't hear about the bombing in Boston until the day after when it was brought up in passing by a friend. Confused, I googled some videos to see what he was talking about. I watched the runners go by, with my eyes squinted expecting some distant explosion that would feel.. just that: distant. I was totally shocked to see the reality of it.

I don't know why it never hit me before. I was 11 during 9/11 and at that age it was just something you had to be polite about, but I felt nothing. Watching that bomb go off in Boston, in those crowds of people, felt like the first time my body had truly recognized violence for what it is.

I thought about how a friend of mine brought up an argument about movie censorship. He said "violence in movies shouldn't be censored with less blood, it should show more carnage, it should be forced to be more real, if anything." We go on day by day hearing about the horrors of some shooting, some bombing, somewhere in the world. But I only ever see the photos of people weeping. We're "desensitized" to violence because we never see its reality in any way.

In any case, the video below is the first serious piece of war journalism I've ever seen. Not that there aren't other pieces out there, but this was a first for me. Warning: it's very, very real with many images of people buried collapsed buildings that have been bombed - many of whom don't make it out alive. I think things like this need to be seen by everyone to understand the true meaning of war, the true meaning of violence.



Lil Buck - Jookin

Saw this guy, Lil Buck, on Colbert and was seriously moved by the performance (the type of dance is called "jookin"). I've gone to ballets and have tried to give dance a chance in the past but it's never really been able to touch me like this. I think most forms of dance either seem too archaic, boring, or showy to really suck me in. But with this guy I seriously feel like he's bringing something extra, if not essential, to the music, expressing the emotion of the piece so passionately and genuinely. It's really exciting to find an appreciation for something you've always felt left out of.

Like how some people love Bob Dylan or are wine connoisseurs and you think Bob Dylan is a terrible singer and makes cheap rhymes and all wine tastes the same - then one day, there's one song that hits you and a glass of wine that makes you double take. All of a sudden this whole world that you thought was either above you or a total farce becomes real and yours to explore. After having everyone tell you how to appreciate something and it doesn't work, to find your own path is truly exciting.

Cod-damn, so good. Also, he did a piece with Yo-Yo Ma in China. WOORD



Handsome Lady Comedy

Some friends from school struttin' their sketch. Some good stuff here

Check out their website


Conor Oberst - White Shoes

Courtesy of Ty. This stands as a reminder of the power of a song and ends a streak of funny blog posts. You're welcome, cruel, melodramatic world! See ya in the mountains



Laughable things.

For some reason, I can't stop laughing at this. Like, I just favorited this image, and have looked at it multiple times a day and can't stop laughing. His other comics are great too, but everything about this one is perfect. I just can't tell why...

And this show that's hosted by the late Steve-O... Killer Karaoke... Never actually watched it besides this clip, but holy shit hahaha.